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Car Hire in Cuba from UK

Car Hire in Cuba and more…   As the UK market has increased and British visitors to Cuba now rank as the second largest group of travelers to the Caribbean nation, so too has the requests for Car Hire in Cuba from the United Kingdom. While most UK visitors to Cuba still stay at all […]


Cuba Car Rental Prices

Cuba Car Rental Prices Complete Cuba Car Rental Prices Comparison of all 4 car rental agencies in Cuba helping you get the best rates. There are 4 rental Car companies in Cuba all of which are owned by the Cuban Government and, as such, the booking systems are all identical in design and function and […]


Cuba Hire Car

Cuba Hire Car   Looking for a Cuba Hire Car? The very best rates can be achieved by pre-booking online your Cuba Hire Car before you travel. One of the main problems with Cuba Hire Car companies is that they have few vehicles compared to other destinations in the region and, their logistical systems to […]


Car Rental in Cuba | Precautions | Collecting a Cuba Rental Car

Special precautions apply when collecting a Car Rental in Cuba but these are not much different to other countries. We´ll try and pinpoint special recommendations. Voucher for Car Rental in Cuba Before your journey you will have received a printable voucher which must be provided in order to collect your car. Quite simply, if the […]


Rent a Car in Cuba | On a road to nowhere?

Rent a Car in Cuba | On a road to nowhere? The road to nowhere. Cuban´s won´t hesitate in taking your civic gesture to the extremes. If you accept to take someone home, as a gesture, then expect “home” to be somewhere you might not want to be…After turning left then right enough times you can easily […]


Rent a Car in Cuba | Mugging and thefts

Rent a Car in Cuba | Mugging and thefts Mugging and thefts. While these are very rare in Cuba they are sadly on the increase over the past few years. It is however very uncommon for hitchhikers to become thieves or “turn on you” but, it can happen. The general rule of thumb is to […]


Rent a Car in Cuba | Parking | Casa Particular in Cuba & Hotels

Casa Particular in Cuba and your Rent A Car If you are staying at a casa particular in Cuba (private house) then you need to think about where your car will be parked. Usually, the owner of the casa particular in cuba will have a garage or a parking space close by he will offer […]


Rent a Car in Cuba | Distance between cities | Car Rent a Car

Rent a Car in Cuba | Distance between cities Calculating the distance and, thus time between, Cuban Cities can be complicated. You will not get the average speeds you are used to back home and should contemplate around 30% more time than it would take you normally. This website explains why it will take you […]


Rent a Car in Cuba | Prostitution in Cuba

Rent a Car in Cuba | Prostitution in Cuba Prostitution in Cuba is rife. Forget everything you knew about prostitutes, whether male or female, because in Cuba they don´t usually dress in any particular way (unless your in the middle of the city at night). There is no sure fire way of knowing if a […]


Rent a Car in Cuba | Hitchhikers in Cuba

Rent a Car in Cuba | Hitchhikers in Cuba Hitchhikers in Cuba – The first cultural shock most drivers get when they begin driving in Cuba is the amount of hitchhikers there are all over the place. Traffic lights look more like bus stops, with people eagerly waiting for a ride to anywhere that´s forward… […]

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