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Casa Particular in Cuba and your Rent A Car

If you are staying at a casa particular in Cuba (private house) then you need to think about where your car will be parked. Usually, the owner of the casa particular in cuba will have a garage or a parking space close by he will offer you for some extra pesos…If they do not, there will be a myriad of Cuban´s who will “cuidar” or “take care of” your car when you are not around or sleeping. Unbelievably, for a few pesos someone will stay up all night and watch over your car at your casa particular in cuba and this is considered a “job” in Cuba. Why would you care if someone looks after your car if its insured? Well, certain things are not covered by insurance including the absence of wheels for instance. 1 wheel and tire in Cuba can be worth more than 3 months’ salary for your average Cuban so imagine what 4 are worth. You´ll also have the hassle of completing paperwork at the police station and then dealing with the rental agency…

casa particular in cuba = look for parking

At hotels the task of looking after you car falls on the hotel and generally you will simply leave it in front of the hotel or in their parking. However, don´t be surprised if another person asks you for a few pesos to keep an eye on it there as well… Some hotels offer valet parking but in general this is more for show than an absolute necessity.

Getting someone to take care of your car at your casa particular in cuba is a good idea though