Rent a Car in Cuba | Hitchhikers in Cuba

Rent a Car in Cuba | Hitchhikers in Cuba

Rent A Car in cuba

Do´s & Don’ts of driving in Cuba

Hitchhikers in Cuba – The first cultural shock most drivers get when they begin driving in Cuba is the amount of hitchhikers there are all over the place.
Traffic lights look more like bus stops, with people eagerly waiting for a ride to anywhere that´s forward… Even outside main cities it’s quite common to see people practicing what is known in Cuba as “autostop”. While this may seem disconcerting and, sometimes these people can be misconceived as potential beggars, in fact, there are very few beggars in Cuba, especially on the roads.
No, these people are simply looking for a ride….

Rent a Car in Cuba BUT…take care…its fun but in moderation

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