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Extra Drivers

Rent a Car Cuba

Allow for several drivers to be covered under the insurance of your rent a car in Cuba. However, these drivers must be named in advance and their name(s) added to the rental contract BEFORE you take the car. The cost for adding extra drivers for rent a cars in Cuba is 3 CUC per day.
If during your stay a new driver needs to be added you should visit any ancillary office of the rent a car cuba agency and add the driver to the contract by paying the corresponding sum and ensuring his or her name is added to the contract. Check this mind! Because a common scam is to pocket the money and then not add the driver sadly, verbal assurances are not valid, make sure it is written onto the contract.


If I pre-book a car as you recommend can I add the driver when I book?
No. Extra drivers are added ONLY when you collect the car and the contract is written.
Can another driver be under 21 years of age?
No. Even if you book in advance and you yourself are only 18 years old but have the valid car pick up voucher you will not be allowed to add a driver who is less than 21 years old because the fixed rule for local bookings is 21 years old.

Rent a Car Cuba Companies are very cautious concerning the validity of licenses and extra drivers so ensure you are able to comply with the above