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Rent a Car insurance in Cuba | Prices & Payment methods

Whether you are from Canada, UK, USA or Timbuktu, your credit card car rental insurance WILL NOT be accepted in Cuba for Rent a Car insurance in Cuba. It’s amazing how many people swear that their credit card company says it will and, argue for minutes or hours… that they are covered, only to finally […]


Car Rental in Cuba | Precautions | Collecting a Cuba Rental Car

Special precautions apply when collecting a Car Rental in Cuba but these are not much different to other countries. We´ll try and pinpoint special recommendations. Voucher for Car Rental in Cuba Before your journey you will have received a printable voucher which must be provided in order to collect your car. Quite simply, if the […]


Cuba Rent a Car | Types of cars available

Cuba Rent a Car companies offer an assortment of categories which are as follows: Economic or Economy Cuba Rent a Car These vehicles are generally for 4 adults or 5 at a push. They will hold two normal size suitcases only. Only available in stick (manual) transmission. Example: Economic Cuba Rent a Car Here Medium […]


Rent a Car in Cuba | On a road to nowhere?

Rent a Car in Cuba | On a road to nowhere? The road to nowhere. Cuban´s won´t hesitate in taking your civic gesture to the extremes. If you accept to take someone home, as a gesture, then expect “home” to be somewhere you might not want to be…After turning left then right enough times you can easily […]


Rent a Car in Cuba – Roads in Cuba

Rent a Car in Cuba – Roads in Cuba Roads in Cuba – The roads in Cuba for rent a car drivers can be treacherous at times. If you´ve seen the Hurt Locker then you´ll get the idea… For those who have been to Cuba and driven a rent a car in say Havana (in […]


Rent A Car in Cuba – Cyclists

Rent A Car in Cuba – Tips & Advice #1 Cyclists in Cuba – Think of your images of China and the thousands of Bicycles everywhere and you´ll get the picture, only less so. However, consider cyclists as your enemy when driving because hitting a cyclist in Cuba can mean an “extended stay” on the […]


Cuba Rent a Car | Why are car rentals so expensive in Cuba?

Cuba Rent a Car | Why are car rentals so expensive in Cuba? A question asked by many travelers is why is Cuba Rent a Car so expensive in Cuba? Several factors come into play when answering that question. First of all, compared to other Caribbean islands Cuba is only about 20% more expensive than […]

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