Rent A Car in Cuba – Cyclists

Rent A Car in Cuba – Tips & Advice #1

Rent A Car in cuba

Do´s & Don’ts of driving in Cuba

Cyclists in Cuba – Think of your images of China and the thousands of Bicycles everywhere and you´ll get the picture, only less so.
However, consider cyclists as your enemy when driving because hitting a cyclist in Cuba can mean an “extended stay” on the island you were not contemplating…literally. Over the past 10 years many tourists have been held awaiting court cases on the island due to having stricken a cyclist and, depending on the severity of the accident; even jail time is not out of the question.
So, if you don´t want to be the star of National Geographic Channel´s Banged up abroad then consider cyclists with respect and trepidation. Unfortunately, because they are everywhere, going the wrong way down streets, oblivious to stop signs and generally riding erratically, when you see one SLOW DOWN and move as far away as possible.
This may seem like useless advice but you´d be surprised how many visitors think that cyclists will obey the rule of transit. In Cuba, more often than not, they won´t and this can spell disaster and a ruined vacation. Cyclists are also common on freeways…

You´ve been warned…Rent A Car in Cuba can be fun but be careful