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Pope visit to Cuba Booking problems

Pope visit to Cuba On the phone yesterday with our hotel supplier in Cuba who just told us that our room for March 16th has been cancelled! They also told us that due to Pope Visit to Cuba they could not supply our rental car. We won´t name the agency but, let’s just say its […]


Car Hire in Cuba – SUV 4 x 4

Car Hire in Cuba   A brand new model is on the scene for Car Hire in Cuba and, for those who´ve missed the SUV car rental in Cuba since VIA stopped renting Suzuki Vitara´s there´s the new 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe SUV available from REX CUBA   Performance – 4 out of 5 stars […]


Car Rental in Cuba

Car Rental in Cuba Car Rental in Cuba 15% discount can be achieved using the following websites if you reserve your Car Rental in Cuba before you arrive. By doing this you will have a guaranteed pre-booking of your Car Rental in Cuba which will not only save you time but also $$$ because other websites […]


Rent a Car in Cuba | Paying traffic fines | How to Guide

Your Rent a Car in Cuba brought with it some traffic fines, now what? You tried ever so hard to drive carefully in Cuba but incredibly you ended up getting fined. There is no such thing as a “ticket” in Cuba. Not for tourists driving Rent a Car in Cuba there isn’t anyway. Any fines […]


Rent a car in Cuba | Drinking and Driving

Rent A Car in Cuba – Drinking and Driving Drinking & Driving in Cuba – in 2011 strict new laws were introduced concerning drinking and driving in Cuba. These prohibit ANY amount of drink (not limits like elsewhere) and also prohibit the transport of alcohol. Of course, like many things in Cuba, these rules are […]