Pope visit to Cuba Booking problems

Pope visit to Cuba

Pope Visit to Cuba

On the phone yesterday with our hotel supplier in Cuba who just told us that our room for March 16th has been cancelled! They also told us that due to Pope Visit to Cuba they could not supply our rental car. We won´t name the agency but, let’s just say its run by Canadians and not Cubans…


This morning we contacted Havanautos to first try and resolve the car. We called their number in Miami and managed to speak to Natasha. She explained that in effect the Pope visit to Cuba was affecting larger types of transport like buses but not cars!! So, we now have our car confirmed by Havanautos for exactly the same dates 13th to 22nd March. No issues…


We then asked Natasha if she knew of a way of also booking the Hotel and she said that this could be done right on the same website or via Cuba Hotel Reservation which is part of the same group. We rebooked the Parque Central Hotel which our Canadian “friends” had cancelled yesterday!



“All Hype Pope visit to Cuba”



So, the moral of our story is, don´t believe the hype concerning the Pope visit to Cuba. It’s almost certainly untrue that the Pope visit to Cuba had affected our bookings in the way the other agency explained to us.


Is anyone else having these problems renting a car in Cuba during the Pope visit to Cuba ?


Pope visit to Cuba

Pedro + Belinda, Tampa




Pope visit to Cuba