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Rent a Car in Cuba | On a road to nowhere?

Rent a Car in Cuba | On a road to nowhere? The road to nowhere. Cuban´s won´t hesitate in taking your civic gesture to the extremes. If you accept to take someone home, as a gesture, then expect “home” to be somewhere you might not want to be…After turning left then right enough times you can easily […]


Rent a Car in Cuba | Mugging and thefts

Rent a Car in Cuba | Mugging and thefts Mugging and thefts. While these are very rare in Cuba they are sadly on the increase over the past few years. It is however very uncommon for hitchhikers to become thieves or “turn on you” but, it can happen. The general rule of thumb is to […]


Rent a car in Cuba | Drinking and Driving

Rent A Car in Cuba – Drinking and Driving Drinking & Driving in Cuba – in 2011 strict new laws were introduced concerning drinking and driving in Cuba. These prohibit ANY amount of drink (not limits like elsewhere) and also prohibit the transport of alcohol. Of course, like many things in Cuba, these rules are […]

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