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Rent A Car Brands in Cuba

Havanautos, CubaCAR, REX, Via and MICAR are all brand names of  Rent A Car in Cuba companies wholly owned by the Cuban Government

Rent A Car in Cuba brands are divided as follows

Havanautos, CubaCAR, REX are controlled by Transtur S.A
Via is controlled by Gaviota S.A
MICAR is controlled by Cubalse S.A.
GranCar (classic cars) is controlled by Mintur
As all these companies are controlled and operated by the Cuban government for Rent A Car in Cuba. There is no distinction between them other than brands/logo differences. The booking process is centralized for approved resellers and thus appears the same to the consumer. None of these companies operate outside of Cuba but, rely upon a network of resellers outside the country to offer pre-bookings.
There are slight differences but, generally, an overlap exists of car models/categories. REX Rent A Car in Cuba (typically) offers the newer are more luxurious models first, which later filter down to the lower brands, like CubaCar Rent A Car in Cuba, as cars get older. Gran Car Rent A Car in Cuba only offers classic restored vehicles from the 30´s to 50´s with a compulsory driver.

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