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Car Rental in Cuba | Police and traffic violations

Car Rental in Cuba | 101 on Fines When driving a Car Rental in Cuba there are several important things you should know about how the local police operate and how, if you drive badly (and sometimes not), they will apply fines and the impending payment of these. Important note: The police in Cuba have […]


Rent a Car in Cuba | Paying traffic fines | How to Guide

Your Rent a Car in Cuba brought with it some traffic fines, now what? You tried ever so hard to drive carefully in Cuba but incredibly you ended up getting fined. There is no such thing as a “ticket” in Cuba. Not for tourists driving Rent a Car in Cuba there isn’t anyway. Any fines […]


Rent a car in Cuba | Heat & Tire inflation

Rent a car in Cuba | Heat & Tire inflation Heat & Tire inflation – The heat in Cuba, especially on the roads, could fry an egg (no joke). We are talking about serious heat in the mid afternoon. Wrongly inflated tires can build up so much heat in these circumstances that the tread can […]