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Rex Car Rental Cuba set to raise rates

Rex Car Rental Cuba Sources in Cuba say that Rex Car Rental Cuba will raise rates imminently by as much as 19% for 2012. Sources close to the company state that Rex Car Rental Cuba will raise rates because of “increases in fuel costs which are subsidized by the Cuban Government”   Of course we […]


Car Rental in Cuba | Precautions | Collecting a Cuba Rental Car

Special precautions apply when collecting a Car Rental in Cuba but these are not much different to other countries. We´ll try and pinpoint special recommendations. Voucher for Car Rental in Cuba Before your journey you will have received a printable voucher which must be provided in order to collect your car. Quite simply, if the […]


Rent a Car in Cuba | Paying traffic fines | How to Guide

Your Rent a Car in Cuba brought with it some traffic fines, now what? You tried ever so hard to drive carefully in Cuba but incredibly you ended up getting fined. There is no such thing as a “ticket” in Cuba. Not for tourists driving Rent a Car in Cuba there isn’t anyway. Any fines […]