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Rent a car in Cuba Summer 2012 driving & tips

So you got a Rent a car in Cuba? For those of you who rent a car in Cuba this summer there are a few things you should be aware of when driving around this precious island. Taking advantage of your rent a car in Cuba might mean traveling from say, Havana to Santiago de […]


Cuba Car Rental Prices

Cuba Car Rental Prices Complete Cuba Car Rental Prices Comparison of all 4 car rental agencies in Cuba helping you get the best rates. There are 4 rental Car companies in Cuba all of which are owned by the Cuban Government and, as such, the booking systems are all identical in design and function and […]


Cuba Hire Car

Cuba Hire Car   Looking for a Cuba Hire Car? The very best rates can be achieved by pre-booking online your Cuba Hire Car before you travel. One of the main problems with Cuba Hire Car companies is that they have few vehicles compared to other destinations in the region and, their logistical systems to […]


Rent a Car insurance in Cuba | Prices & Payment methods

Whether you are from Canada, UK, USA or Timbuktu, your credit card car rental insurance WILL NOT be accepted in Cuba for Rent a Car insurance in Cuba. It’s amazing how many people swear that their credit card company says it will and, argue for minutes or hours… that they are covered, only to finally […]


Cuba Rent a Car | Why are car rentals so expensive in Cuba?

Cuba Rent a Car | Why are car rentals so expensive in Cuba? A question asked by many travelers is why is Cuba Rent a Car so expensive in Cuba? Several factors come into play when answering that question. First of all, compared to other Caribbean islands Cuba is only about 20% more expensive than […]


Rent a Car in Cuba | Parking | Casa Particular in Cuba & Hotels

Casa Particular in Cuba and your Rent A Car If you are staying at a casa particular in Cuba (private house) then you need to think about where your car will be parked. Usually, the owner of the casa particular in cuba will have a garage or a parking space close by he will offer […]


Rent a Car in Cuba | Car Washes | the impromptu car wash anywhere anytime!

Rent a Car in Cuba | Car Washes… The first thing that will strike you when your car becomes very dirty is the total absence of car washes in Cuba so how do you clean your Rent a Car in Cuba? Essentially, they do not exist. Neither the mechanized roller type nor the pressure variety […]


Rent a car in Cuba | Drinking and Driving

Rent A Car in Cuba – Drinking and Driving Drinking & Driving in Cuba – in 2011 strict new laws were introduced concerning drinking and driving in Cuba. These prohibit ANY amount of drink (not limits like elsewhere) and also prohibit the transport of alcohol. Of course, like many things in Cuba, these rules are […]

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