Cuba Rent a Car | Why are car rentals so expensive in Cuba?

cuba rent a car

High rental prices in Cuba

Cuba Rent a Car | Why are car rentals so expensive in Cuba?

A question asked by many travelers is why is Cuba Rent a Car so expensive in Cuba? Several factors come into play when answering that question. First of all, compared to other Caribbean islands Cuba is only about 20% more expensive than islands such as the Bahamas, Cayman Islands or Jamaica. These islands, however, are able to source vehicles and, more importantly parts, from the United States. Due to the US embargo against Cuba, the island is left in the unenviable position have having to acquire its vehicles from faraway places and through unconventional channels. For instance, one could argue that Hyundai is not American but, Hyundai vehicles are generally sourced through the US in whole of the Americas, one way or another. This is but one example. Many Japanese manufacturers now have plants in the US to build their cars also. Again, these locally built cars are not saleable to Cuba.

So, if you´re shocked by the rates for Cuba Rent a Car then consider these factors and the massive inconvenience of being unable to acquire, not only cars, but any products from the world’s largest economy. A country just 90 miles from Cuba´s shores cannot sell anything to the island.

Cuba Rent a Car is much cheaper when booked online and in advance – TIP