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Rent a Car in Cuba | Car Washes…

The first thing that will strike you when your car becomes very dirty is the total absence of car washes in Cuba so how do you clean your Rent a Car in Cuba?

Essentially, they do not exist. Neither the mechanized roller type nor the pressure variety can be found anywhere. Therefore, after a downpour, and at any moment in-between, be prepared to see legions of Cubans touting buckets and cloths in parking areas all over the city offering you to wash your Rent a Car in Cuba. For a few pesos they will wash your car. Sometimes (more often than not) you´ll be underwhelmed by the outcome but, at least your car will “look” a little cleaner.
One thing to watch out for is what exactly they intend to clean your car with. Old dirty rags, dirty water or no water at all are the signs of trouble. Some tourists have had to pay heavily for street car washes that left their cars full of scratches and blemishes on the paint work. If in doubt, simply say no and wait for someone with better “equipment” to arrive. Often times, both the both who watches over our car at the Casa Particular or the same at the Hotel can be coaxed into washing your car for a few extra pesos and its usually a better option.

Not taking care of your Rent a Car in Cuba could cost you the security deposit…top tip

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