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Rent a car in Cuba Summer 2012 driving & tips

So you got a Rent a car in Cuba? For those of you who rent a car in Cuba this summer there are a few things you should be aware of when driving around this precious island. Taking advantage of your rent a car in Cuba might mean traveling from say, Havana to Santiago de […]


Cuba Car Rental Reviews

Latest Cuba car rental reviews Since our 2011 Cuba car rental reviews we thought we´d update the information based upon the arrival of some new vehicles in Cuba in January and also the upcoming Easter Car Rental Season in Cuba. Up first comes Havanautos for the Cuba car rental reviews. Havanautos has become rather competitive […]


Car Hire in Cuba – SUV 4 x 4

Car Hire in Cuba   A brand new model is on the scene for Car Hire in Cuba and, for those who´ve missed the SUV car rental in Cuba since VIA stopped renting Suzuki Vitara´s there´s the new 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe SUV available from REX CUBA   Performance – 4 out of 5 stars […]


Renting a car in Cuba with asian flair

Renting a car in Cuba For those renting a car in Cuba this winter season, Cuba has rolled out its new line of Geely vehicles for the rental fleets. Geely is a Chinese manufacturer already very popular in the homeland and know for making affordable but reliable vehicles. A couple renting a car in Cuba […]


Cuba Rent a Car Discounts

Cuba Rent A Car organized yet? As the Holiday season approaches and thanksgiving is almost upon us and our Canadian friends get ready for their own long weekend just before Christmas for the Remembrance Day weekend organizing our Cuba Rent a Car is a must. Some Cuba Rent A Car offers have come in from […]


Cuba Rental Car | How do I know if my car is really booked?

For some, the concept of having problems with cuba rental car bookings is inconceivable. I mean, what could go wrong right? You book a car, pay it and you collect it, right? Not in Cuba… There are many agencies who claim to be able to offer this simple service of booking a Cuba rental car. […]


Rent a Car in Cuba | Car Washes | the impromptu car wash anywhere anytime!

Rent a Car in Cuba | Car Washes… The first thing that will strike you when your car becomes very dirty is the total absence of car washes in Cuba so how do you clean your Rent a Car in Cuba? Essentially, they do not exist. Neither the mechanized roller type nor the pressure variety […]

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