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Rent A Car Insurance in Cuba


Whether you are from Canada, UK, USA or Timbuktu, your credit card car rental insurance WILL NOT be accepted in Cuba for Rent a Car insurance in Cuba.

It’s amazing how many people swear that their credit card company says it will and, argue for minutes or hours… that they are covered, only to finally accept that if they don´t pay the insurance they won´t get the car. Save yourself time and resign yourself to the fact that it WILL NOT be accepted and, the start of your vacation will be more pleasurable.



Why my credit card insurance is not accepted for Rent a Car insurance in Cuba?

The simple answer is, the Cuban Government owns the car, the rental company and the insurance companies so, they simply deem your insurance non valid.



When I prepay to rent a car in Cuba, why can´t I pay insurance in advance?

This question is asked time and time again. The Cuban government “obliges” the payment Rent a Car insurance in Cuba when the car is collected. Some say that this is because insurance can only be valid if paid in Cuba and others say it’s so that, despite having a prepaid voucher, they can refuse to insure you if you do not meet the minimum criteria of valid license, age etc. The bottom line is you will ALWAYS pay the insurance when you collect the car with only a few exceptions. One is that you rented a car with a driver and the other is that you specifically booked a car where insurance is included within your vacation package price. This last option is VERY rare and 99% of car rentals are “insurance payable in Cuba”


What does the insurance cover?

Cuba recently abolished franchised insurance where you pay a set amount in case of a claim or damage. This means that you cannot choose anything other than CDW or fully comprehensive insurance which essentially covers everything. If you need to claim, the car is a wreck or gets damaged you will not need to pay anything. However, the insurance does not cover negligence. This means leaving your car keys in and it gets stolen, leaving it on a street and the wheels are stolen or leaving it open and the radio vanishes. Again, there is a fine line between crime and negligence and to prove you have been negligent is very hard. The best way to eliminate doubt if anything untoward happens to your car is file a police report and take a copy of this report with you to the car rental office. Always keep a copy for yourself, even after you have returned the car, especially if you paid the deposit and/or insurance with a credit card.


What is the cost of Rent a Car insurance in Cuba?

Depending on the vehicle rented and its value the daily amounts are currently (2011)

Economic Car – 10 CUC Per day


Medium Car – 15 CUC per day


Medium High Car – 20 CUC Per day


Minivan – 25 CUC per day


Van – 35 CUC per day


Luxury – 25 CUC per day


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