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Car Rental Companies in Cuba

    With the 2014 winter bookings in full swing, Transtur and Via Gaviota have moved to a harmonized booking Platform and generic (identical) reservation websites. Online bookings at the official websites shown below are still possible, however, travel agencies and secondary agents no longer have availability of rental cars in Cuba for December 2014 and January 2015. […]


Cuba car rental discovery, booking, Lessons…

Cuba car rental Our experience with Cuba car rental and some of the issues we discovered could be unique but, after talking on the forum and with other visitors this summer 2012 we feel that we can make some comments to help others.   We searched on the internet in early June and found several […]


Cuba Rent a Car | Types of cars available

Cuba Rent a Car companies offer an assortment of categories which are as follows: Economic or Economy Cuba Rent a Car These vehicles are generally for 4 adults or 5 at a push. They will hold two normal size suitcases only. Only available in stick (manual) transmission. Example: Economic Cuba Rent a Car Here Medium […]


Rent a Car in Cuba – Roads in Cuba

Rent a Car in Cuba – Roads in Cuba Roads in Cuba – The roads in Cuba for rent a car drivers can be treacherous at times. If you´ve seen the Hurt Locker then you´ll get the idea… For those who have been to Cuba and driven a rent a car in say Havana (in […]


Rent A Car in Cuba | Stray Animals

Rent A Car in Cuba | Stray Animals Stray Animals – This one may sound like a joke but people have been killed driving both day and night due to animals straying onto main roads, especially the freeways. Unlike your home country, Cuba´s freeways have no fences nor central dividers nor are livestock (generally) kept […]

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