Rent a Car in Cuba – Roads in Cuba

Rent a Car in Cuba – Roads in Cuba

Rent A Car in cuba

Do´s & Don’ts of driving in Cuba

Roads in Cuba – The roads in Cuba for rent a car drivers can be treacherous at times.
If you´ve seen the Hurt Locker then you´ll get the idea…
For those who have been to Cuba and driven a rent a car in say Havana (in the center…) or Varadero this may seem like an exaggeration but, as soon as you leave the major centers, even in Havana, things start to get worse. Potholes are a massive problem in all over Cuba, some of which can seem like they were created by mines. As there is no road side assistance available then you´ll be changing that wheel alone, in intense heat, unless you plot your way carefully…
The general rule is; if you don´t know the road then take it easy. Very easy. This does not apply to the highways which we will talk about in more detail below.

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