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Cuba car rental discovery, booking, Lessons…

Cuba car rental Our experience with Cuba car rental and some of the issues we discovered could be unique but, after talking on the forum and with other visitors this summer 2012 we feel that we can make some comments to help others.   We searched on the internet in early June and found several […]


Rent a car in Cuba Summer 2012 driving & tips

So you got a Rent a car in Cuba? For those of you who rent a car in Cuba this summer there are a few things you should be aware of when driving around this precious island. Taking advantage of your rent a car in Cuba might mean traveling from say, Havana to Santiago de […]


Rent a Car in Cuba | Parking | Casa Particular in Cuba & Hotels

Casa Particular in Cuba and your Rent A Car If you are staying at a casa particular in Cuba (private house) then you need to think about where your car will be parked. Usually, the owner of the casa particular in cuba will have a garage or a parking space close by he will offer […]

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