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Rent a Car in Cuba | Mugging and thefts

Rent a Car in Cuba | Mugging and thefts Mugging and thefts. While these are very rare in Cuba they are sadly on the increase over the past few years. It is however very uncommon for hitchhikers to become thieves or “turn on you” but, it can happen. The general rule of thumb is to […]


Car Rental Cuba | Via Cuba Rental Offices

Below is a concise list of all agencies and dependencies of the Car Rental Cuba company VIA. You may wish to print this, especially if you intend to travel outside of one city with your rental car. You will then be able to locate one of their offices. VIA Cuba Rent a Car Offices in […]


Rent a Car in Cuba | Parking | Casa Particular in Cuba & Hotels

Casa Particular in Cuba and your Rent A Car If you are staying at a casa particular in Cuba (private house) then you need to think about where your car will be parked. Usually, the owner of the casa particular in cuba will have a garage or a parking space close by he will offer […]