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Rent a car in Cuba Summer 2012 driving & tips

So you got a Rent a car in Cuba? For those of you who rent a car in Cuba this summer there are a few things you should be aware of when driving around this precious island. Taking advantage of your rent a car in Cuba might mean traveling from say, Havana to Santiago de […]


Rent a Car in Cuba | On a road to nowhere?

Rent a Car in Cuba | On a road to nowhere? The road to nowhere. Cuban´s won´t hesitate in taking your civic gesture to the extremes. If you accept to take someone home, as a gesture, then expect “home” to be somewhere you might not want to be…After turning left then right enough times you can easily […]


Rent A Car in Cuba – Cyclists

Rent A Car in Cuba – Tips & Advice #1 Cyclists in Cuba – Think of your images of China and the thousands of Bicycles everywhere and you´ll get the picture, only less so. However, consider cyclists as your enemy when driving because hitting a cyclist in Cuba can mean an “extended stay” on the […]


Rent A Car in Cuba | Stray Animals

Rent A Car in Cuba | Stray Animals Stray Animals – This one may sound like a joke but people have been killed driving both day and night due to animals straying onto main roads, especially the freeways. Unlike your home country, Cuba´s freeways have no fences nor central dividers nor are livestock (generally) kept […]