Rent a Car in Cuba | On a road to nowhere?

Rent a Car in Cuba | On a road to nowhere?

Rent A Car in cuba

Do´s & Don’ts of driving in Cuba

The road to nowhere. Cuban´s won´t hesitate in taking your civic gesture to the extremes. If you accept to take someone home, as a gesture, then expect “home” to be somewhere you might not want to be…After turning left then right enough times you can easily become lost. You could end up going miles out of your way and be unable to find your way back. One story of a gentleman who picked up a mother and daughter in Havana and ended up in Cienfuegos 140 miles away…every corner was met with “it’s not far to go”…
While this last story may seem extreme be careful how generous you want to be if you decide to offer rides…

Rent A Car in Cuba, have fun!