Cuba Car Rental Reviews

Latest Cuba car rental reviews

Cuba car rental reviews

Since our 2011 Cuba car rental reviews we thought we´d update the information based upon the arrival of some new vehicles in Cuba in January and also the upcoming Easter Car Rental Season in Cuba.

Cuba car rental reviews

Up first comes Havanautos for the Cuba car rental reviews. Havanautos has become rather competitive these past few months as they are offering a 10% discount across the board on all models (besides 9 seat Vans) until 31st March. The way to get the discount is to either contact their agents via online chat or, make a booking but DO NOT PAY and then wait for an agent to contact you. You’ll get the discount… For more information Visit the official booking site of Havanautos


Cuba car rental reviews

We´ll move to VIA rent a car, since our last Cuba car rental reviews several people have complained about VIA car rentals. After verifying their complaints and of course with VIA, it appears that the problems did not stem from VIA but from several Canadian resellers of VIA´s services. One “real” complaint was due to one of VIA´s vehicles collected at the Jose Marti Airport in Havana which, upon collection, had a myriad of technical problems (thanks Mr & Mrs Wright from Ontario). You may wish to try VIA for 4 x 4 rentals in Cuba they still offer the Suzuki Vitara models but only on their website here.

Cuba Car Rental Reviews

REX Car Rental came off best in our Cuba car rental reviews over the past 3 months, many visitors having chosen the excellent Hyundai Santa Fe which with its 7 seats is by far the most economical vehicle in Cuba for large families. Many of you wrote saying that the you´d received an Emgrand Chinese car instead of the Audi A4 booked. We checked with REX in Havana and, they advised, the emgrand vehicles are only provided to travel agents and, when a A4 is booked on their website, you will get the Audi A4. This rule also applies to the Audi A6 which, if booked direct, will not be substituted by the Chinese junk some of you have complained about. Make sure you book direct at the REX booking Website


“Cuba car rental reviews, complaints about VIA Car Services”

Cuba car rental reviews

Cuba CAR seems to be going through a bad patch with these Chinese cars that were rolled out for the agencies to sell. Almost all foreign agencies based in Cuba have been given these Geely vehicles to offload… Those of you who ended up receiving one of these cars gave mixed Cuba car rental reviews of these new Chinese models. Most complained about the shoddy build quality while others say they had paid for Peugeot vehicles but were given the Chinese car. CubaCAR only provides these Chinese models to agents so again, when you Book direct with CUBACAR or visit one of their offices directly, you will not be obliged to take one of these (inferior) vehicles.


Some of you who responded to these Cuba car rental reviews said that you were confused by the issues of government ownership and, how all these companies (on paper) are exactly the same. This is true as Transtur is now the sole company using and operating all these “trademarks from the past”. This can be seen clearly when booking as, all the platforms appear identical or very similar. We are told that Transtur will soon launch a website which, for the first time, will be the exclusive use of its “direct” brand since 1998. Until then the above websites provide fast confirmations we found.


Our next Cuba car rental reviews will be in May so please keep sending us information and experiences between now and then.



Jackie Turnbull – Edmonton, CA




Cuba car rental reviews 2012

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