Cuba Car Rental Prices

Cuba Car Rental Prices

Cuba Car Rental Prices

Complete Cuba Car Rental Prices Comparison of all 4 car rental agencies in Cuba helping you get the best rates.

There are 4 rental Car companies in Cuba all of which are owned by the Cuban Government and, as such, the booking systems are all identical in design and function and show similar Cuba Car Rental Prices. However, they differ in their offerings relating to Cuba Car Rental Prices and we´ll cover this week the various rates and vehicles available plus guide you to the best rates with tips and tricks.

CubaCAR, Havanautos, VIA & REX Cuba Car Rental Prices

CubaCar is the largest of all companies and this is measured by both the amount of vehicles and, more importantly, the amount of offices they have in Cuba they also offer the lowest (in most instances) Cuba Car Rental Prices. The amount of offices can make for a very convenient drop off situation for those of you who are planning to leave your vehicle in another city. Here is some advice concerning Car Rental with CubaCars Cuba

If you plan to take your car and leave it in another city then never rent the car for less than 3 days in low season and 5 days in high season (we´ll explain these seasons below). This is because you will not have access to unlimited miles for rentals shorter than these minimums and this can work out very expensive depending on the distance you intend to cover. If however you wish to take the car for less time, possibly instead of taking a VIAZUL bus transfer, then expect to pay 0.30 USD per kilometer.

Before you arrive in Cuba, ensure you have the exact voucher issued by CubaCAR or you will invariably have difficulty getting your vehicle. Try to book the vehicle directly through CubaCAR website rather than a secondary source or third party agency as, the Cuba Car Rental Prices will be inflated as Cuban agencies pay vey small commisions to these secondary agents and they raise prices to compensate.

Drivers – The primary driver will need to have a valid driving license from their country of origin. Cuba does not require international driving licenses in order to rent cars from any agency. If there will be more than one driver it is very important that this driver be added to the contract/insurance. The cost of adding an additional driver is $3.00 per days (about 2 euros) If your rental is long and there are numerous drivers it can work out cheaper to rent from REX (see below) due to the fact that REX has a onetime payment of $10 to add an additional driver.

Insurance – The insurance payable for your vehicle is not included in the Cuba Car Rental Prices as it is payable directly upon collection of the vehicle. Essentially, the Cuban Government requires payments be made by the driver at the time of delivery to allow for the refusal of rental to underage drivers or those which do not hold a valid driving permit. Basically, when you pre-book your car online you are paying for the whole rental in advance at the lowest possible Cuba Car Rental Prices therefore, by making insurance payable in Cuba the prepaid rental can be invalidated for those who do not meet the criteria.

“Tip: longer rentals = lower Cuba Car Rental Prices”

A minimum Rental age for Car Rental in Cuba? – There is some confusion concerning Cuba´s minimum driver age so we´ll try to clear this up.

If you do not pre-book your car on the official websites and decide to simply “show up” at a given rental car office or, more importantly, you rent the car through a third party agency, the minimum age for car rental in Cuba is 21 years old. This is a steadfast rule and you will be turned away EVEN IF the third party agency has issued you with a voucher.

If you pre-book on the official website and receive the voucher prior to arriving in Cuba then the minimum age is 18 years old. Apparently, this is because prepaid rentals are considered more “responsible” and thus the exception is made on age. This also applies to extra drivers who may be under 21. If the car is pre-booked and one of the drivers is under 21 then this will also be accepted.

Fuel Surcharges – All Cuban Rental Car agencies do not include fuel in their Cuba Car Rental Prices when you pre-book. However, all cars are provided with a full tank of fuel upon collection. You will be charged “in advance” for this tank of fuel when you collect the car. The amount obviously varies depending on the amount of gallons (liters) the car holds and this will then be charged at $1.20 (correct as of Sept 2011) which is the amount payable in gas stations across the island for “Super Especial” which is 95 octane fuel sold in other countries. You should be aware that cheaper fuel exists in Cuban gas stations but, the attendant will refuse to fill your car with this and there are no self service stations in Cuba.

Car rental Extras – Price Comparison

* $3 per day for extra driver – Havanautos, CubaCAR, VIA Car Rental

* $10 one time fee for Extra drivers – REX Car Rental

* Full tank of fuel – Havanautos, CubaCAR, VIA Car Rental, REX Car Rental . Check online the tank capacity of the vehicle you have booked and multiply – Liters x $1.20 = X

* Child Seats – REX Car Rental, Free. Havanautos, CubaCAR, VIA Car Rental $5 per day.

* GPS – NOT AVAILABLE – These are banned in Cuba. You cannot enter the country with them and they are not available to rent.

* Drop Off Fees – When leaving your car in another city

0-3 Days rental – Havanautos, CubaCAR, VIA Car Rental $0.30 per kilometer shown on the odometer.

3+ Days rental – Havanautos, CubaCAR, VIA – Free ONLY if the car is booked in advance on the official websites

0+ Days rental – Rex Car Rental – Free ONLY if the car is booked in advance on the official websites

Important Note: If you do not book your car through the official websites in advance you will be charged drop off fees at $0.30 by ALL 4 car rental agencies.

Cuba Car Rental Prices Comparison

  • 1st January to April 30th High Season
  • 1 May to 30th June Low Season
  • 1 July to 31st July High Season
  • 1st August to 31st August Extreme High Season
  • 1st September to 30th November Low Season
  • 1 December to 31st December Extreme High Season

Important Note: In High or Extreme High season, if you do not pre-book well in advance you will encounter the unavailability of vehicles when you arrive. This for many is hard to believe but it is a given fact. If you are “lucky” to find a vehicle you will be charged Extreme High Rates (30% more than shown here) plus a premium one of payment of between $30 and $80 as a finder’s fee.

Below are average rates based 7 day rentals

Cuba Car Rental Prices – Automatic Cars

Car Rental Cuba PeugeotVia Car Rental Peugeot 206 Low 38/High 42 – Economy


Car Rental in Cuba KiaVia Car rental Kia Rio Low 42/High 48 – Medium


Car Rental in Cuba HyundaiHavanautos Hyundai Accent Low 42/High 48 – Medium


Car Rental in Cuba PeugeotCubaCAR Peugeot 307 Low 41/High 46 – Medium


Car Rental in Cuba CubaCAR Citroen C5 Low 92/High 113 – Medium high


Car Rental in Cuba AudiREX Audi A4 Low 73/High 112 – Premium


Car Rental in Cuba AudiREX Audi A6 Low 116/High 143 – Luxury


Car Rental in Cuba HyundaiREX Hyundai Santa Fe 4×4 SUV Low 113/High 133 Cuba


Car Rental in Cuba BMWCUBACar BMW 5 Series Low 113/High 133 – Luxury


Cuba Car Rental Prices Stick Shift – Manual Cars

Looking for manual or stick shift Cuba Car Rental Prices? Then you will find the rates to be a little less expensive and availability a little more abundant. However, Car Rental in Cuba for certain models can sell out quick. Check availability and rates below.

Car Rental in Cuba skodaHavanautos Skoda Fabia Low 36 /High 45


Cheap Car Rental in CubaCubaCAR Skoda Fabia Combi Low 63 /High 71


Car Rental in Cuba HyundaiHavanautos Hyundai i10 – Low 36 /High 45 Economy


Hyundai Accent Automatico CubaCUBACar Hyundai Accent – Low 40 /High 44 Medium


Cuba Seat AlteaREX Seat Altea XL – Low 79 /High 83 Medium (REX)


Cuba Car RentalHavanautos Skoda Octavia Low 112 /High 123 – Medium Hi


Audi renta en CubaREX Audi A4 – Low 95 /High 102 Medium High


Cuba Hyundai SonataCUBACar Hyundai Sonata Low 103 /High 116 – Medium High


Rent A Car in CubaHavanautos Volkswagen Passat Low 118 /High 133 – Medium High


Cuba Renta HyundaiVIA Rent a Car Hyundai Low 118 /High 133 Azera


Cuba Car Rental Prices Minivan & Van Offers

Need to move a group of people or family around then Minivan or Van? Car Cuba Car Rental Prices for these categories further down. Below are the multi passenger vehicles available from major suppliers of  Car Rental in Cuba. All large Van and Minivan type Car Rental in Cuba requires a minimum age of 21 for the driver.

Minivan in Cuba


Cuba Minivan HireCUBACar Hyundai Trajet Low 149 /High 159 – 7 passengers


Hyundai Santa Fe CubaHavanautos Hyundai Santa Fe Low 134 /High 149 – 7 passengers


Cuba Suzuki RentalVia Rent A Car Suzuki Gran Vitara XL 134 /High 149 – 7 passengers


Rent de Van en CubaHavanautos Hyundai H1 – Low 149 /High 159 – 9 passengers


Van de 9 plazas CubaVia Rent A Car Peugeot Expert – Low 147 /High 152 – 9 passengers

*Prices as of Sept 2011


Cuba Car Rental Prices 101