Rent a car in Cuba from Miami

How to Rent a Car in Cuba from Miami?

Rent a car in Cuba from Miami

Rent a car in Cuba from Miami

How to guarantee a Rent a car in Cuba from Miami to collect when I arrive? Confirming your Rent a car in Cuba from Miami requires visiting the official webpages of Havanautos, CubaCAR, VIA or REX, making a reservation and paying for it online with your credit card. You will receive a voucher like this in your email which, upon presentation will locate your prepaid vehicle. After signing the contracts you will be free to go with your car.

Why pre-book a Rent a car in Cuba from Miami?

During high season there can be very few vehicles available in Cuba. In fact, finding a car can mean traveling to various rental offices to check availability. Unlike the U.S each office is not connected to a central system to allow them to check availability in another office. Therefore, it’s more like a crap shoot as to whether you find a car available or not. This can cause serious delays in your plans especially if you need to meet family in another location.

If I use the websites to book my Rent a car in Cuba from Miami is it 100% certain?

Yes. Providing the booking was done on the official websites and you have received the correct voucher then the car is 100% certain. In fact, the car is taken from all inventories and cannot be sold/seen by the local offices. Essentially, when the car is booked and paid online there can be no doubt that the car is available.

Can I pay my Rent a car in Cuba from Miami with my U.S credit card?

Yes. Your card is accepted online through international banks.

What if I don´t Rent a car in Cuba from Miami and simply show up at the airport?

If you enjoy high risks, play poker or have plenty of time and are willing to bribe the rental office (with money) they may be able to call around the other offices and find you a car. If you need more than one car or a specific size then buena suerte!! However, you will certainly have to travel to this office outside the airport in a Taxi incurring extra cost plus, the car will be more expensive than online rates.

Is it cheaper to Rent a car in Cuba from Miami?

Yes. Rates are cheaper online than those provided at rental offices. Also, you will need cash to pay the car if you wait until arrival and your U.S credit card won’t work… This means you will invariably have to stand in line at the CADECA exchange office, pay the exchange rate plus the 3.6% (they charge) and also suffer the 10% penalty imposed by the Cuban Government to convert US Dollars. Therefore, before you even begin to pay the car, you will have lost 14% which is far in excess of any online or Visa or Mastercard rates of exchange from the U.S and online.

Can I book any car when I Rent a car in Cuba from Miami?

Yes. All the current models are shown on the websites and they can be booked, in advance, ready for your arrival. You can also add things like extra drivers or child seats to your online order so as to make the collection process faster.

Can I prepay insurance when I Rent a car in Cuba from Miami?

No. Insurance is always payable upon arrival for any car rental reservation in Cuba. You should factor in this amount when you book your car and, ensure you have this small amount in hand ready.

What are the key benefits when I Rent a car in Cuba from Miami?

  • Immediate express collection upon arrival
  • No waiting in line, collection lines are separate to the standard lines
  • Guaranteed vehicle of the pre-booked category/model
  • Big savings on “walk up” rates
  • Big saving on exchange rates and the Cuban USD 10% penalty
  • Complete Piece of mind
  • Security you and your loved ones will be on your way quickly
  • Immediate resolution of any difficulties
  • Prepaid service with guaranteed vehicle when you arrive


To Rent a car in Cuba from Miami visit one of the official websites of

CubaCAR Car Rental

Havanautos Rent A Car

Via Rent A Car

REX Car Rental

All the websites are the same as Transtur is now the owning company of all the aforementioned brands. This makes booking a similar process throughout.

Overall, booking your Rent a car in Cuba from Miami is a no brainer. It takes minutes to reserve online which can remove hours from your time in Cuba trying to find a car like a needle in a haystack. Furthermore, getting your Rent a car in Cuba from Miami ensures a locked in rate which cannot be changed or increased if/when daily rates rise. The Cuban government has the knack of imposing higher and higher rates or, what they call “extrema alta” rates when they know that few cars are available. This increase can be as much as 30% higher than published rates for the same vehicle! Therefore, prepaying your Rent a car in Cuba from Miami “locks in” your rate as the car is already paid meaning you will not suffer these fluctuations.

Finally, for those traveling with elderly family members, meeting elderly family members, young children or lots of baggage, the risk of NOT booking a Rent a car in Cuba from Miami far outweighs the small amount of time it would take to get piece of mind, book online and know the car is waiting when you arrive.

Have a great trip and hasta luego!!



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