Car Rental in Cuba | Precautions | Collecting a Cuba Rental Car

Special precautions apply when collecting a Car Rental in Cuba but these are not much different to other countries. We´ll try and pinpoint special recommendations.

Voucher for Car Rental in Cuba

Before your journey you will have received a printable voucher which must be provided in order to collect your car. Quite simply, if the company you booked with did not provide you with the voucher or you don´t have you´ll have a serious problem and delays getting the car or you may not get the car at all. Cuban employees are like computers and unless they see the “preprogrammed” documents they should receive they reboot and go into safe mode…I.E you don´t get the car. Therefore ensure you have the collection voucher on you.

Contract for Car Rental in Cuba

Like any rental car agency you will be obliged to complete a rental contract for your Car Rental in Cuba. This contract will be done while you are present and to complete this you will need to provide both a picture ID (passport) and your valid driving license. Completing the contract takes about 5 mins. DO NOT sign the contract and take the keys for the car. Ask to be shown the car before you sign to ensure it is the category you have paid for. Cuban suppliers, like others in other nations, will happily give you a smaller car than the one paid to be able to rent the larger car directly at the desk later. With the agent present take photographs of the car from the sides, front and back. This precaution can save you hassles at the end of the rental for nicks, scratches or superficial damage you did not cause. Ensure that these are marked on the contract. You will see on it the image of a car and a cross should be made at each location the car has any damage. Open the trunk and check there are an inflated spare wheel, wrench and jack. Finally, check the fuel gauge. You have already paid for a full tank, check that the needle is against the needle stop. If it’s not the car is not full and could be 10-15 CUC short of fuel which invariably you have paid for. One of the major scams in Cuba is workers siphoning off or not complete filling of rental cars. While this is no big deal you may think for 10 CUC of fuel, imagine 100 cars that day being delivered with 2 gallons less of fuel…That’s 200 gallons of fuel…If you´d don´t care now you can sign the contract. Keep this somewhere safe. Under the driver’s seat is better than the glove box.

Leaving the Car Rental in Cuba rental office

As soon as possible and, only once you have left your cases at the accommodations, check your tire pressures at a gas station. If you notice any abnormalities or technical problems GO BACK to where you contracted you Car Rental in Cuba immediately because, if you think “oh I will do it later” you will encounter long delays going to another rental office to get this checked/repaired whereas, just after you collected the car they will simply give you another.
Car Rental in Cuba

Car Rental in Cuba made easy

Car Rental in Cuba can be easy and stress free for you and your family if you take note of these issues