Rent a car in Cuba | Heat & Tire inflation

Rent a car in Cuba | Heat & Tire inflation

Rent A Car in cuba

Do´s & Don’ts of driving in Cuba

Heat & Tire inflation – The heat in Cuba, especially on the roads, could fry an egg (no joke). We are talking about serious heat in the mid afternoon. Wrongly inflated tires can build up so much heat in these circumstances that the tread can literally detach from the tires carcass. This can happen at speed with dire consequences. While sat in your cocooned air conditioned sphere it’s easy to disregard the intense heat outside. Even a slightly deflated tire can generate so much heat, along with the ambient and road heat, way outside normal manufacturer’s tolerances. Always check the inflation of your tires before covering 30KM or more during daytime driving. A good time to do this is while refuelling or just before your journey. Don´t expect Cuban rental Agencies to have checked this before giving you the car either. They never do, ever. Pull into the first gas station you see, even if you don´t need fuel and check these. Don´t do this with luggage in your car though.

Rent a Car in Cuba but make sure you check those tires!!