Rent a Car in Cuba | Paying traffic fines | How to Guide

Rent a Car in Cuba

Police In Cuba

Your Rent a Car in Cuba brought with it some traffic fines, now what?

You tried ever so hard to drive carefully in Cuba but incredibly you ended up getting fined.
There is no such thing as a “ticket” in Cuba. Not for tourists driving Rent a Car in Cuba there isn’t anyway. Any fines are written onto the rental contract by the police so that when you return the car the rental agency acts as the police´s fine collector…
Quite simply, you left a deposit when you rented the car. This deposit will be returned to you minus the fine amount. If the fines are more than the deposit (unlikely) then you will have to pay the difference when you return the car.
Fines are not transmitted to your home country and no action is taken concerning your driving license.

Rent a Car in Cuba but, keep safe, always obey the road signs and speed limits and you won´t end up getting fined