Rent a Car in Cuba | Prostitution in Cuba

Rent a Car in Cuba | Prostitution in Cuba

Rent A Car in cuba

Do´s & Don’ts of driving in Cuba

Prostitution in Cuba is rife. Forget everything you knew about prostitutes, whether male or female, because in Cuba they don´t usually dress in any particular way (unless your in the middle of the city at night).
There is no sure fire way of knowing if a young lady or man is “really” looking for a ride or is simply eyeing up the next client. In fact, many Cubans are casual sex experts and may be looking for a ride but will also accept the proverbial “ride” back at your place…It’s very hard to spot who is who but, as they are usually harmless enough, then it can make for an entertaining 5 minutes conversation if you happen upon someone looking for a “date”…

Rent a Car in Cuba…Have fun…take it easy!