Rent A Car in Cuba Holguin

Rent A Car in Cuba Holguin

Rent a car in cuba Holguin
For the lowest direct rates when searching for a rent a car in Cuba Holguin you will have an ample selection of Car rental agencies all of which offer both airport collection and Hotel or places like Holguin Airport, Guardalavaca, Playa Pesquero, Hotel Pernik, Dowtown Holguin as pickup locations. The main offices for CubaCar Holguin are situated at Holguin Frank Pais Airport but other smaller offices can be found at the hotels and other locations. For other Rent A Car in Cuba Holguin agencies there is Havanautos Holguin which is based in Holguin Airport but also has offices all over the city and has been fused with CubaCAR Holguin under the name of Transtur Holguin. Finally, two other Rental Agencies exist one being REX Holguin and the other being Via. Nevertheless, all companies are owned by the Cuban Government and there is little difference between them, REX being the exception which offers more luxurious vehicles. This agency also offers rent a car in Cuba Holguin
For Cuban Americans there are special rates on the above pages. Simply click to chat and advise you are from Cuba. Some ID may be required to obtain the discount.
While driving in Holguin there are several important “must see” landmarks & Monuments
Holguin: Gibara: Bahia de Bariay
To the east of Gibara is the bay known as Bahia de Bariay, and in the bay is the peninsula called Cayo de Bariay. It is here that most people believe Christopher Columbus first landed in the year 1492. He described the land like it was paradise. To commemorate the 500th anniversary of this historic event a monument was erected. It is called “Monumento Encuentro Dos Cultures” (the meeting of two cultures) and it is dedicated to the Taino Indians and who inhabited this area. There is a beach here, Playa Cayo Bariay and a restaurant as well. Visitors can reach Bahia de Bariay either by road with a private vehicle or by boat from Guardalavaca.
Hobbies & Activities category: Historic site
Note: you will need a rent a car in Cuba Holguin to visit this location
Holguin: Guardalavaca
Guardalavaca, 58km / 35mi southwest of Holguin, is the second biggest tourist destination in Cuba after Varadero. The beach here is beautiful white sand stretching on for 4 km / 2.5mi with a lush backdrop. There is also a coral reef just offshore with good dive locations or visitors can snorkel at either end of the beach where the rocks emerge. The tourist resort at Guardalavaca has all the regular amenities and offerings one would expect. In addition to the accommodation there are restaurants shops, bank services, and all kinds of recreational options with surfboards and windsurfing boards available for rent. Guardalavaca is quite remote with nothing of consequence in the nearby surrounding area so visitors are generally limited to the options provided by the resort. West of Guardalavaca is a natural park area that visitors can explore, called Bahia de Naranjo. This area, covering a large area of coastline includes three islands, including Cayo Naranjo with an aquarium.
Hobbies & Activities category: Beach; Resort or relaxation spot
Note: you will need a rent a car in Cuba Holguin to visit this location

Holguin: Banes

The town of Banes makes a nice trip for visitors staying at the nearby resort of Guardalavaca, just 30km / 25mi away. Cubans just going about their daily life in this community is one of the main attractions for travelers who have not ventured beyond the resort area. Some of the other highlights, for those who have already seen other Cuban towns are the Museo Indocubano Bani, and the Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de la Caridad. The Museo Indocubano Bani contains one of the best collections of Indian artifacts outside of Havana. Among the collection is a famous small gold statue of a woman called Idolo de Oro, which dates to the 13th Century. It is one of only twenty gold artifacts found in Cuba from pre-Columbian times. The museum also displays other items found in the area, which is known for being an archeological hot spot in Cuba.
Note: you will need a rent a car in Cuba Holguin to visit this location

Chorro de Maita
Near the resort of Guardalavaca is Chorro de Maita, the site of a large native Indian burial area. Excavations here in 1986 revealed a total of 108 skeletons, one of which was actually a Spaniard, along with clay works, shells, decorative items, and other artifacts. Visitors can learn about the excavations and the history of Chorro de Maita at the Museo Aborigen Chorro de Maita. On display are 56 skeletons exactly as they were found. Across from the museum is a recreated Taino Indian village with figures on display showing how life would have been in this type of Indian village. There is also a souvenir shop on site, and an opportunity to try some traditional Amerindian cuisine.
Hobbies & Activities category: Archeological exhibit, museum; Tombs, burial site
 Note: you will need a rent a car in Cuba Holguin to visit this location

Loma de la Cruz
For panoramic views over the city try climbing the more than 450 stairs up to Loma de la Cruz (Hill of the Cross). This hilltop location has a lookout tower and a large cross. The cross was placed here on May 3, 1790 during a period of drought. Each year now local residents of Holguin climb up the stairs to Loma de la Cruz on May 3 in celebration of Romerias de la Cruz de Mayo. Considering the city is relatively flat and laid out in a typical grid pattern with no particular point of interest, the view, although extensive, may not be worth the climb.
Hobbies & Activities category: Christian sites; Scenic site or route
Note: you will need a rent a car in Cuba Holguin to visit this location
Holguin: the Museo de Historia Natural Carlos de la Torre y Huerta
For an interesting look at the flora and fauna of Cuba and other parts of the Caribbean try going to the Museo de Historia Natural Carlos de la Torre y Huerta in Holguin. This museum contains over 7,000 specimens of stuffed animals, reptiles and aquatic life. Visitors will see stuffed birds, turtles, shells, and fish fossils among other items. The building that houses the Museo de Historia Natural Carlos e la Torre y Huerta is a beautiful mix of architectural styles, with neo-Classical columns and Moorish turrets with a splendid interior. The building has undergone some recent upgrades. Hobbies & Activities category: Architecture – Moorish; Natural history museum; Architecture – Neo-Classical
Holguin: San Isidro Catedral
(Local Name: Catedral de San Isidro) Located on Parque Peralta is the large white Catedral de San Isidro, unmistakable for the large central bell tower that dominates the square. This former church was designated a cathedral in 1979. It was built on the location of the first mass celebrated in Holguin. The Catedral de San Isidro was built in 1720 but the appearance has changed over the years with extensive alterations. On display in the church is a copy of the Madonna of Caridad. In the plaza a statue of General Julio Grave de Peralta faces the cathedral.
Hobbies & Activities category: Christian sites

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