Rent A Car in Cuba Cienfuegos

Rent A Car in Cuba Cienfuegos

rent a car in Cuba Cienfuegos

For best deals when looking to rent a car in Cuba Cienfuegos you will have an ample selection of Car rental agencies all of which offer both airport collection and Hotel or places like Cienfuegos Malecon, Palacio de Valle, Dowtown Cienfuegos as pickup locations. The main offices for CubaCar are situated at Hotel Jagua but other smaller offices can be found at the Cienfuegos Airport terminal, hotel Hotel Rancho Luna and other locations. For other Rent A Car in Cuba Cienfuegos companies there is Havanautos which is based in Cienfuegos Airport but also has offices all over the city and has been fused with CubaCAR under the name of Transtur Cienfuegos. Finally, two other Rental Agencies exist one being REX Cienfuegos and the other being Via. However, all of these companies are owned by the Cuban Government and there is not much difference between them, REX being the exception which offers more luxurious vehicles.

For Cuban Americans there are special rates on the above pages. Simply click to chat and advise you are from Cuba. Some ID may be required to obtain the discount.

While driving in Cienfuegos there are several important “must see” landmarks & Monuments

Cienfuegos: Paseo del Prado / Malecon

Address: Calle 37, Cienfuegos, Cuba, CU

The Paseo del Prado (Calle 37) is a long thoroughfare running right through the centre of Cienfuegos (north to south), stretching from the Rio El Ingles (north) all the way down to the popular Punta Gorda in the south. Actually the longest city street in the country, the Paseo del Prado is a fantastic place to walk and people-watch, and is loaded with neoclassical buildings, monuments and many funky shops. As you head southwards, the Paseo del Prado becomes the Malecon, where you can enjoy a promenade alongside the bay. During the evening, the Malecon is an especially lively place to hang out.

Cienfuegos landmark open: daily – 24 hours

Cienfuegos landmark admission: free

Cienfuegos: Visit Trinidad

Tourism officials like to say Trinidad is a museum in itself. Those visiting the 500-year-old city will find Spanish colonial architecture, underscoring a colonial ambiance that marks the tiny city one of the country’s greatest attractions. Only a few square blocks in size, historic Trinidad is famous for its lovely, cobblestone streets, pastel colored houses with elaborate wrought-iron grills, as well as beautiful palaces and plazas. The city can be toured in a few hours, by foot or by horse-drawn carriage. The city is located near both the Escambray Mountains and the Caribbean coast.

Note: To see this with your Rent A Car in Cuba Cienfuegos you will need to drive about 1 hour


Cienfuegos: Casa de la Cultura Benjamin Duarte

Address: Calle 25 – 5401, Parque Jose Marti, Cienfuegos, Cuba, CU

Tel: +53 0432 516 584

The Casa de la Cultura Benjamin Duarte is one of the grand structures that overlooks the Parque Jose Marti. Formerly named the Palacio de Ferrer, this wonderful place was built in 1918 and comes with its own tower (mirador), from where there are fantastic city views. As you explore, you will encounter a series of interesting features, such as an Italianate marble floor and an iron staircase, while it is the dome-shaped cupola that gives the building its distinctive appearance. Live music can be enjoyed at the Casa de la Cultura Benjamin Duarte most nights.

Cienfuegos landmark open: daily – 08:30 to midnight

Cienfuegos landmark admission: free

**See this with your Rent A Car in Cuba Cienfuegos

Cienfuegos: Palacio de Valle

Address: Calle 37, Punta Gorda, Cienfuegos, Cuba, CU

Tel: +53 0432 511 226

Dating back to 1917 and located on the corner of Calle 37 and Avenue 2, the opulent and somewhat gaudy Palacio de Valle is one of the top landmarks in Cienfuegos. This palace is especially photogenic and rather Arabic / Moroccan in character, and lies on the southern side of the city, just beyond Punta Gorda. Although the architecture is perhaps a bit over the top, the palace offers an interesting tour and also comes with a classy restaurant and terrace bar.

Cienfuegos landmark open: daily – 09:30 to 23:00

Cienfuegos landmark admission: charge

**See this with your Rent A Car in Cuba Cienfuegos 10 mins from the centre


Cienfuegos: Catedral de la Purisima Concepcion

Address: Avenue 56 – 2902, Parque Jose Marti, Cienfuegos, Cuba, CU

Tel: +53 0432 525 297

Overlooking the Parque Jose Marti at the eastern end is the Catedral de la Purisima Concepcion (Cathedral of the Most Pure Conception). The cathedral stands right next door to the flashy Boutique Hotel and was built way back in the late 1860s, with the interior featuring an especially high nave. Boasting stained-glass windows from France and coming with two lofty towers, the facade is known for its neo-classical appearance and pale yellow colour.

Cienfuegos landmark open: daily – 07:00 to 12:00

Cienfuegos landmark admission: free, donations suggested


Cienfuegos: Cementerio La Reina

Address: Calle 7, Cienfuegos, Cuba, CU

The Cementerio La Reina (the Queen Cemetery) is to be found on the corner of Calle 7 and Avenue 50, and is one of two National Heritage cemeteries in Cienfuegos. This serene place is situated on the western side of the city, near the water’s edge, and was founded way back in 1837. It features graves of Spanish soldiers who perished in the wars of independence and has the distinction of bodies being interred above ground, in the walls in fact. This is a first in Cuba and is because of the ground saturation.

Cienfuegos landmark open: daily – 08:00 to 18:00

Cienfuegos landmark admission: free


Cienfuegos: Necrópolis Tomás Acea

Address: Carretera de Rancho Luna, Cienfuegos, Cuba, CU

The Necrópolis Tomás Acea in Cienfuegos is one for the archaeological buff, with its Parthenonesque look. Just a short taxi ride from town and located in south-east Cienfuegos, this local landmark is known as a garden cemetery. Onsite is a large neoclassical pavilion and dozens of Doric columns that have taken their cue from Greece. There is also a monument dedicated to the marine martyrs.

Cienfuegos landmark open: daily – 08:00 to 18:00

Cienfuegos landmark admission: charge

On the whole, rent a car in Cuba Cienfuegos requires either lost time moving from office to office looking for available vehicles or prebooking in advance with a company such as Havanatur which offers all companies on one website.

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Benefit from your rent a car in Cuba Cienfuegos because there are many sights to see and a car is priceless to help see these easily