REX Cuba | the “take full return empty” saga is finally getting responses



A: Travel Agencies and Tour Operators


Date: August 1, 2012


Subject: Need to inform clients of travel agencies that must submit REX cars with the fuel tank as empty as possible


Dear Collaborators

In recent months, our organization has received complaints or comments from customers about the filling of fuel tanks at the start of the rental.


Given the incidents occurred we took on the task of conducting a thorough analysis of the situation and established procedures. Vehicles in our fleet are of dissimilar makes and models, with different capacities and different tank fuel measuring instrument. In tests conducted by specialists in the technical area, we found that the gas tanks of vehicles, including digital type, do not record the existence of fuel to the tank capacity or actual readings are linearly proportional measurements between.


For example, a car with a capacity of 75 liters should be 37.5 liters in the tank when the needle is half the gas meter. However, we found that physically has 30 to 33 liters when in this position. Similarly, in the digital gas meters, marker lights full tank, when they can miss up to 15 liters of total capacity. In general, the test results that the fuel has yielded physical tank is almost always less than that shows the measuring instrument.


Note that the manufacturer does not expect the user of the car needs to know the exact number of liters that has the car, so that the meter is just a warning for this.


REX has taken the following actions in order to improve the service


• The fuel is added to “filler trigger”, until the fuel pistol backfires as full


• Tests have been conducted on tank capacity and marking of the gas tanks on all makes and models of cars in the fleet.


• Daily inspections are conducted by the directors of our organization to ensure the proper filling of the tank before returning the car to the customer.


• All cars are taken to fuel station, even when the needle comes to full mark because as said earlier, they may miss up to 15 liters to fill the maximum capacity


• Although we have not completed the implementation of these measures, the results were not long in coming and have completely eliminated the complaints and claims from customers of receiving the fuel tank well filled.


• As a rule, our Branch sells fuel to the customer, we do not buy, and especially since we cannot know the quality of this when the customer returns.


To implement the above measures, unaffected to the client or for our organization, we ask of you together to ask their customers not fill the tank before returning the car, but return it as empty as possible.


In this way we guarantee:


1. The next customer receives the car with the proper fuel and recommended by the manufacturer (fueled in quantity and quality by REX and not by the previous client)

2. The customer to pay what they actually used, and which in return will be refunded the amount that had the technical evidence that is physically the tank according to the position of the gas meter, but in return for full marking would have to charge for the number of liters which may (or not) be absent from the tank, which in most cases is 10 to 15 liters.REX is preparing a certified guide which yielded the above tests, both for renters, and customers, which we will arrive in the coming days.


We apologize for any inconvenience caused and we involuntarily expect from you the more collaborative, trusting that these new measures require you to permanently delete the dissatisfaction of our clients in this regard.


Best regards,




Branch REX Specialized Transportation Services


Please tell us your experiences dealing with Cuba´s crazy “take full, return empty fuel theft scheme”