Rent a Car Santa Clara Cuba

Rent a Car Santa Clara Cuba

Rent a Car Santa Clara Cuba

Havanautos Rent a Car Santa Clara Cuba, CubaCar Rent a Car Santa Clara Cuba, Transtur Rent a Car Santa Clara Cuba and Via Rent a Car Santa Clara Cuba are the three principal car rental companies based in this Eastern province of Villa Clara Cuba.

The main visitors to this region are Cuban Americans and, Cuban migrants in general, who are returning to visit family and friends and often Rent a Car in Santa Clara Cuba.

Rent a Car Santa Clara Cuba has various collection points for vehicles such as Abel Santa Maria airport, SNU Santa Clara which receives direct flights from the United States.

CubaCar Santa Clara offices can be found at Center’s Traffic and La Union Hotel

Havanautos Santa Clara offices in Santa Clara are Hotel Santa Clara Libre, Remedios, Placetas, Trista y Amparo, Caibarien

Rex Santa Clara can be found at the airport Abel Santa Maria airport, SNU Santa Clara

Rent a Car Santa Clara Cuba starts from 43$ per day increasing to 146$ per day for a 9 seat van when you Rent a Car Santa Clara Cuba

History of Santa Clara

Santa Clara, founded by just 175 people in July 1689. One hundred and thirty-eight of them were two large families already inhabiting in the area and, thus, owners of the land next to the new city. The remaining 37 came from 7 other families, a priest and a governor, all of them originating in the seaside city of “San Juan de los Remedios”. The population of Remedios was torn between the option of leaving their city, constantly bothered by incessant pirate attacks, or staying in place. Though most of them finally decided to stay, those 37 persons traveled south and, on 1st June, 1689 they arrive at the hill where they rejoined with the other two existing families. A mass was given under a Tamarind tree and the city was created. Since then, the place under the tree is known as “Loma Del Carmen” (Carmen’s Hill). A 2nd generation church exists in a beautiful park along the place with a monument commemorating the event surrounded by a fourth generation Tamarind tree.

In the beginning, the settlement was called Cayo Nuevo, later Dos Cayos, Villa Nueva de Santa Clara, Pueblo Nuevo de Antón Díaz, Villa Clara and ultimately Santa Clara.

“the only way to see the city is Rent a Car Santa Clara Cuba”

Building of the city began not far from Carmen’s Hill. Subsequently the Spanish standards, a perfect squared layout with a central plaza (Plaza Mayor today Parque Vidal) was developed. The first buildings erected were the Cabildo (City Council) and a modest palm tree church. This structure was enhanced in 1725 to a brick one, and stayed the center of the Parque Vidal until August 22, 1923 when it was demolished in order to expand the plaza and build a new church close by. In those times, and still nowadays, this decision, made by the mayor, was heavily criticized. The building, while not a paragon of architecture, was not entirely unpleasant to the eye and certainly an example of the older colonial structure in the city. Resulting from this expropriation by the City Council, a protest was raised by religious figures and a total of 77 850.00 pesos were paid in fines to the Church, a large sum that would represent millions of pesos today.

Some time later, the foundation, a theater, a chamber of commerce, meeting clubs, public libraries and dance halls were built as well. The position of the city, almost in the very center of the country, made it as a strategic point and a great communications link, East and West and also, North and South creating a slow but relentless growth. By the 19th century, Santa Clara was larger and more populated than the rest of the towns around, including what was once Remedios. As a necessary stop between Havana and the east of the country, the city gained the title of Las Villas province capital. Visiting Havana and surround areas requires Rent a Car Santa Clara Cuba.

Santa Clara Attractions

At Santa Clara’s city center is a park (Parque Vidal) and it is based at the entire square block. In the park there is a statue of Marta Abreu, a person much remembered by the people of Santa Clara. Around the park is the Santa Clara Libre (formerly the Santa Clara Hilton) which is where several rental offices are located for Rent a Car Santa Clara Cuba, “Gran Hotel”, Teatro de La Caridad (a National Monument of Cuba), the Plaza del Mercado Central, the former City Hall and the Colonia Española de Santa Clara center of dance, offers the most attractive and unique traditional customs of hinterland Cuba.

Parque Vidal is probably one of the most typical places in Cuba and can be visited when you Rent a Car Santa Clara Cuba. During the afternoons, people (specially singles) visit the park to meet others. Although not widely practiced in recent times, the custom was to walk the park around and around. The women walk the inner part of the park, while the men walk the outer side. Another lost custom was for the locals to set up a platform and offer improvisations with their guitars on late Sunday afternoons. For that day they dressed with their Guayaberas and highly polished shoes.

Santa Clara is home to a mausoleum which houses the remains of Che Guevara and sixteen of his fellow combatants killed in 1967 during the Bolivia campaign. There is also a reconstruction of Guevara derailing the train during the Battle of Santa Clara. Other locations concerning Che Guevara can be visited by car when you Rent a Car Santa Clara Cuba

Prior to 1 January 1977, Santa Clara was located in Las Villas Province. On that date, as part of a general administrating reordering of Cuba’s provinces, Las Villas province was reordered into the provinces of Villa Clara, Cienfuegos, and Sancti Spíritus. Santa Clara is in the province now known as Villa Clara. Cienfuegos and Sancti Spiritus are a short distance away when you Rent a Car Santa Clara Cuba

Other local landmarks include:

• Parque del Carmen (Carmen’s Park)– City’s Foundation Site.

• Parque de los Martires (Martyrs Park).

• Parque de la Pastora (Our Lady Shepherdess Park).

• Parque de la Justicia (Justice’s Park).

• Parque del Tren blindado (The Armored Train Park-Museum), a National Monument of Cuba.[4]

• Mausoleo Che Guevara (Monument and Mausoleum of Ernesto “Che” Guevara).

• Catedral de Santa Clara de Asis (Saint Claire of Asis Cathedral).

• Boulevard 1889.

• Centro Cultural El Mejunje (Cultural Centre “El Mejunje”).

• Loma del Capiro, hill overlooking the city

• University “Marta Abreu” of Las Villas is the province’s secondary education institution.

Popular Hotels Near Santa Clara (some require Rent a Car Santa Clara Cuba to be reached)

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