Rent A Car in Cuba | Rainy or Hurricane season in Cuba

Rent A Car in Cuba – Rainy or Hurricane season

Rent A Car in cuba

Do´s & Don’ts of driving in Cuba

Rainy or Hurricane season in Cuba – During hurricane season June to November and throughout the year between 4 and 7 pm you can expect rain you have never seen before unless you live in the tropics or India…
Although, this rain would seem trivial the following things happen…
Roads into rivers – you should not underestimate the severity of Cuban downpours.
Streets can quickly become waterlogged and hip deep (honestly).
Lower lying areas and dips in the road can become 1 meter or more deep.
You will see cars stranded trying to (foolishly) turn their vehicles into amphibian craft all over the city.
This does not happen “now and again” but VERY frequently. Therefore, when you see heavy rain, no matter what your urgency is, STOP and wait. Find a convenient bar or restaurant and sit it out. This can be easier said than done mind but, the rule is “stop for heavy rain” or the rain will stop you, possibly definitively…with a waterlogged engine or worse, an engine which has drawn in water (catastrophic failure).
The final point is the aforementioned potholes. These are invisible in heavy rain so, if you feel like changing a wheel under 1 meter of water then keep driving…