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Cuba Car Rental – Getting the best deal

Cuba Car Rental How to get the best deal for Cuba Car Rental? We will show you how to get the best offer and also have a secure Cuba Car Rental when you arrive. Cuba Car Rental can be frustrating and sometimes downright complicated. This is mainly due to the Cuba Car Rental intermediaries littering […]


Car Rental in Cuba

Car Rental in Cuba Car Rental in Cuba 15% discount can be achieved using the following websites if you reserve your Car Rental in Cuba before you arrive. By doing this you will have a guaranteed pre-booking of your Car Rental in Cuba which will not only save you time but also $$$ because other websites […]


Car Rental in Cuba | Precautions | Collecting a Cuba Rental Car

Special precautions apply when collecting a Car Rental in Cuba but these are not much different to other countries. We´ll try and pinpoint special recommendations. Voucher for Car Rental in Cuba Before your journey you will have received a printable voucher which must be provided in order to collect your car. Quite simply, if the […]


Rent a Car in Cuba | Mugging and thefts

Rent a Car in Cuba | Mugging and thefts Mugging and thefts. While these are very rare in Cuba they are sadly on the increase over the past few years. It is however very uncommon for hitchhikers to become thieves or “turn on you” but, it can happen. The general rule of thumb is to […]

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