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Havana Car Rental | Booking & Reservations

Havana Car Rental A blow was dealt to Havana Car Rental this week. After months of waiting for the new REX vehicles to be added to availability, this week those looking at Havana Car Rental for the summer months were advised that no vehicles had been allocated to REX for the summer. This means that unless […]


Cuba Car Rental Reviews

Latest Cuba car rental reviews Since our 2011 Cuba car rental reviews we thought we´d update the information based upon the arrival of some new vehicles in Cuba in January and also the upcoming Easter Car Rental Season in Cuba. Up first comes Havanautos for the Cuba car rental reviews. Havanautos has become rather competitive […]


Pope visit to Cuba Booking problems

Pope visit to Cuba On the phone yesterday with our hotel supplier in Cuba who just told us that our room for March 16th has been cancelled! They also told us that due to Pope Visit to Cuba they could not supply our rental car. We won´t name the agency but, let’s just say its […]


Renting a car in Cuba with asian flair

Renting a car in Cuba For those renting a car in Cuba this winter season, Cuba has rolled out its new line of Geely vehicles for the rental fleets. Geely is a Chinese manufacturer already very popular in the homeland and know for making affordable but reliable vehicles. A couple renting a car in Cuba […]


Cuba Car Rental – Getting the best deal

Cuba Car Rental How to get the best deal for Cuba Car Rental? We will show you how to get the best offer and also have a secure Cuba Car Rental when you arrive. Cuba Car Rental can be frustrating and sometimes downright complicated. This is mainly due to the Cuba Car Rental intermediaries littering […]


Rent a car in Cuba from Miami

How to Rent a Car in Cuba from Miami? Rent a car in Cuba from Miami How to guarantee a Rent a car in Cuba from Miami to collect when I arrive? Confirming your Rent a car in Cuba from Miami requires visiting the official webpages of Havanautos, CubaCAR, VIA or REX, making a reservation […]


Cuba Car Rental Prices

Cuba Car Rental Prices Complete Cuba Car Rental Prices Comparison of all 4 car rental agencies in Cuba helping you get the best rates. There are 4 rental Car companies in Cuba all of which are owned by the Cuban Government and, as such, the booking systems are all identical in design and function and […]


Cuba Car Rental Reviews | Cuba Rent A Car Reviews

Cuba Car Rental Reviews It is sometimes hard to come by Cuba Car Rental Reviews on the internet. Most forums don´t provide locations for such information therefore, we offer Cuba Car Rental Reviews for all of the rental agencies in Cuba Cuba Car Rental Reviews | REX Cuba REX is considered the premiere car rental […]


Cuba Hire Car

Cuba Hire Car   Looking for a Cuba Hire Car? The very best rates can be achieved by pre-booking online your Cuba Hire Car before you travel. One of the main problems with Cuba Hire Car companies is that they have few vehicles compared to other destinations in the region and, their logistical systems to […]


Rent a Car Santa Clara Cuba

Rent a Car Santa Clara Cuba Havanautos Rent a Car Santa Clara Cuba, CubaCar Rent a Car Santa Clara Cuba, Transtur Rent a Car Santa Clara Cuba and Via Rent a Car Santa Clara Cuba are the three principal car rental companies based in this Eastern province of Villa Clara Cuba. The main visitors to […]

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