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Cuba Car Rental


With the high season fast approaching for Cuba Car Rental we´ve been looking at options and prices for the year end mad rush for confirmations. CubaCAR, Havanautos and REX are offering international bookings through their aforementioned Cuba Car Rental partner sites. VIA is only offering through CarRentCUBA this winter.


“Book early at Cuba Car Rental partner sites”


As a guide to Cuba Car Rental we looked at experiences this summer which, for many, were not very good at all. Once again, visitors to Cuba left their Cuba Car Rental bookings to the very last moment and many of you were gouged with incredibly high rates.


Cuba Car Rental

Sebastien Beignoles


One visitor to this forum, Sebastien Beignoles from France ended up paying 89 euros for an economic car with manual transmission. As he said in his own words


“we looked around Old Havana for Cuba Car Rental first trying Hotel Inglaterra then Parque Central then down to the Armadores Santander and Cruise Terminal and we could find nothing, after having our casa owner call around we located one car way our in Miramar near the PabExpo center, the price worked out at 89 Euros per day!”


Sebastien´s comments are not unique and 100´s have complained about Cuba Car Rental rates being hiked to incredibly high levels for the July and August months and, specifically, for those people who did not book in advance.


Cuba Car Rental

Juan Marquez


Juan Marquez from Argentina also said “we´d been looking around for Cuba Car Rental for about half a day and simply couldn´t find one so, we decided to simply take a taxi from Havana to Pinar del Rio where we had prebooked the Hotel Jasmines, this cost us 125 CUC for the one way journey but we still did not have a Cuba Car Rental for the remainder of our trip. Thankfully, we found a car in Pinar del Rio just by chance because a German guest at Hotel Jasmines was returning a car that day so we went with him and were lucky enough to take the car he returned”


It also seems that major suppliers are holding some vehicles back and are expecting to obtain very high rates for Minivan and Van type vehicles of the 7 to 9 seat capacity. Again, it is highly advisable to book earlier at say if you are looking for this type of vehicle and maybe REXCUBA if you need a more luxurious type of car.



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