Rent a car in Cuba | Car Maintenance Clause

Rent a car in Cuba | Car Maintenance Clause

Rent A Car in cuba

Do´s & Don’ts of driving in Cuba

Car Maintenance Clause – All rental contracts in Cuba have a space showing when the next periodic service is due.
You may be the unfortunate one who gets the car just a few miles from the “deadline” imposed service. You´d probably ask you, “Why did they not do the service before giving me the car if it’s only 300 miles until the next one?” Well, it’s because they couldn´t care less frankly. With this aside though, you will be “obliged” to find a rental office on or around this mileage and take the car there. This could take 5 mins or 3 hours of your valuable vacation time but, if you don´t do it, clauses in the contract allow for you to lose some or all of your guarantee deposit.
Very draconian right? Well yes, but rental offices are hot on this and, will definitely charge you the “fine” if you overlook it.

Rent a Car in Cuba but save money by checking when your Maintenance Clause kicks in!!